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Barnett Family (Karen) / Kacee Mainer / Mary Davidson (Denise)
Rayburn Family / Joe Rhineheart (Tina) / Alexis Green (Jewell)
Tracey Fortenberry / Tina Waddell (Kelley) / Eli Robinson (Kelley)
Tammy Chambers (Rayburns) / Terry Overstreet (Rayburns) / J.D. Corgill Sr. Debby Cravens / Jim Clay / Dottie Noyce / Leon Walrath (Tracy)
Jim Rogers / Frank Terry (Debbie Terry) / Harry & Jo Adkisson
Lillian Boney / Clyde Connelley, Jr / Krista Crumpley / Al Hadaway
Mabel Serpa / Latisha Reed / Martha Phillips / Holderfield Family
Brian Kelly (Margrit Ruth Roper / Ron McGinty (Peggy) / Jon & Jami Melton Lyndell Mosley / James & Georgeanne Neighbors Milton & Jewell White
Friends / Gideons / Our Choir and Youth / Troops & Veterans
Hospitals & Nursing Homes / Our Country
Our Church / Pastor Mike, Brenda and Family

Our prayers are with you.  May God sustain you through this difficult time.

Please email Prayer Requests to Brenda Smith:




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